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TechMeetup Stirling 3rd September - Greg Sutcliffe on Data Sources [TMU Stirling] (1)
TechMeetup Stirling 6th August [TMU Stirling] (1)
TechMeetup, Tuesday 7th May - Andy Gibson - .NET is Dead, Long Live .NET [TMU Stirling] (1)
TechMeetup, Tuesday 7th May - Stacey Armour - Testing: Will your website really work? [TMU Stirling] (1)
TechMeetup, Tuesday 4th - Rachel Willmer - Devops: What it is and why you should care [TMU Stirling] (1)
March TechMeetup, Tuesday 5th - Greg Sutclife, Introduction to Markdown [TMU Stirling] (2)
Techmeetup Stirling Tuesday 5th March at 6:30 [Events] (1)
February TechMeetup, Tuesday 5th [TMU Stirling] (1)
Stirling #5 - Rob McLay - Killsuits and Snuffle Unicorns [TMU Stirling] (5)
Edinburgh TechMeetup Talks for 14th November [TMU Edinburgh] (1)
Stirling #4 - Greg Sutcliffe on Privacy and How to (try to) retain it [TMU Stirling] (5)
Edinburgh Techmeetup - Wednesday 10th October 2018 at 6:30pm at CodeBase [TMU Edinburgh] (1)
Stirling #3 - Video Recording, Editing, and Postprocessing - Kenny Coyle [TMU Stirling] (1)
Techmeetup 12th July - video [TMU Edinburgh] (1)
Stirling TMU #2 - The Tech Hiring Process [TMU Stirling] (1)
New to Techmeetup? Want some company? [Events] (2)
TMU Edinburgh July [TMU Edinburgh] (1)
Inaugural Stirling TMU event! [TMU Stirling] (3)