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[TechMeetup] Digital Health Product Forge (1)
[TechMeetup] TechMeetup February (2)
[TechMeetup] Events this month in Scotland @OpenTechCal (1)
[TechMeetup] TechMeetup Stirling, Tuesday 5th February (1)
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[TechMeetup] Global Diversity CFP Day (1)
[TechMeetup] Events this month in Scotland @OpenTechCal (1)
[TechMeetup] Events this month in Scotland @OpenTechCal (1)
[TechMeetup] Tech Meetup Stirling - Tue 4th December at CodeBase, 6.30pm (1)
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[TechMeetup] EdLambda, Thurs 15 Nov: Functional Programming for Mortals with Scalaz (1)
[TechMeetup] Tech Meetup Stirling - Tue 6th November at CodeBase, 6.30pm (1)
[TechMeetup] Events this month in Scotland @OpenTechCal (1)
[TechMeetup] [JOBS] 🎈Senior Django Backend Engineer for a Private Family Messenger (1)
[TechMeetup] React/Firebase contractor (1)
[TechMeetup] Mob programming with Woody Zuill in Edinburgh, Nov 27th (1)
[TechMeetup] Passing on Open Tech Calendar – would you like to run it? (1)
[TechMeetup] Come and help us build health and care products for Scotland (1)
[TechMeetup] Edinburgh Techmeetup - Wednesday 10th October 2018 at 6:30pm at CodeBase (1)
[TechMeetup] [JOBS] Full Stack Developer (1)
[TechMeetup] Events this month in Scotland @OpenTechCal (1)
[TechMeetup] [JOBS] Orca Money, Senior Software Developer - JavaScript, AWS (1)
[TechMeetup] Tech Meetup Stirling - Tue 2nd October at CodeBase, 6.30pm (2)
[TechMeetup] EdLambda 9th October - Elm: Taming the Wild West Web using Functional Programming (1)
[TechMeetup] [JOBS] Mudano, Automation Engineer - React, Node, GraphQL (1)
[TechMeetup] [JOBS] Corero Network Security (C, Python, web, Linux) (1)
[TechMeetup] TechMeetup Edinburgh 12th September 2018 (1)
[TechMeetup] Events this month in Scotland @OpenTechCal (1)