[Falkirk] Future plans for Falkirk Linux User Group - results from last week

(Greg Sutcliffe via Falkirk) #1

Hi all

Last week we used our regular monthly meetup to have a round table
discussion about the future of the group. It's now time to report this
back to the mailing list.

It's no secret that the LUG is struggling. We have found it difficult to
attract new members for years, and those who have come, largely haven't
stayed. This year we are also now finding it difficult to get speakers
as well.

# Discussions

After some discussion, we're putting this down to two factors:

1. The name of the group

We've been FLUG for a very long time, and times change. When we talk to
potential speakers today, the first reaction to "Come speak at our Linux
User Group" is "Oh, I know nothing about Linux". Given this is the true
of speakers, it's reasonable to assume potential members feel the same way.

However, *we* know this isn't true. We hold talks on almost any angle of
technology, and we're happy to expand our knowledge. The name no longer
represents who we are.

2. The location

With the best will in the world, Falkirk is not a techy location. If we
look to where our potential membership lies, my thoughts turn to places
like Codebase Stirling, and Stirling University. Stirling also has been
gaining a general reputation as a place for tech work in the last few years.

# Decisions

Putting these two together, there is a clear way forward - renaming &
relocating the group. We have approached TechMeetup, and with unanimous
approval from members present last week, we have decided to evolve into
"TechMeetup Stirling".

Using the sponsorship this provides, we can rent CodeBase Stirling for
our events. The event remains on the first Tuesday of every month. For
the time being, I will continue to post the TechMeetup Stirling events
to this list, so that members are aware of what's happening. However, if
you wish to stay up-to-date on the new group's events, then I would
suggest you sign up at the new TechMeetup forum:


This mailing list is also going to be mirrored there, so we can all stay
in touch :slight_smile:

This is a big change for us, but we all agreed that we're past the point
of small changes. It's time for something drastic, and we think this is
the best route. It's been my pleasure to help with FalkirkLUG for the
past 5 years - here's to 5 more as TechMeetup :stuck_out_tongue:

See you in Stirling on August 7th!


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