Obligatory Introductions

(Greg Sutcliffe) #1

I guess all new forums have an “Introduce yourself” thread, right? :slight_smile:

I’m Greg, occaisonal attendee & speaker at TMU Edinburgh, and organiser of TMU Stirling. Among other things I’m also:

  • sysadmin
  • developer (Ruby, R)
  • community manager <- actual job title
  • data analyst
  • open source advocate
  • STEM ambassador

And probably other stuff. I work on DevOps tools for work, but I’m studying Data Science on the side. Always willing to be a speaker about almost anything… just ping me :slight_smile:

(Justin Matters) #2

Hi I am Justin,

To follow Greg’s lead, I am interested in:

Data Science
Machine Learning
Tabletop Games
Martial Arts

These may seem unrelated but they all seem to involve working within complex rule sets to try to achieve optimal outcomes. Geeks, we seem to love rules, especially when we can achieve something unexpected with them.