Stirling #4 - Greg Sutcliffe on Privacy and How to (try to) retain it

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Hi all,

Join us in CodeBase from 6.30pm on October 2nd for techy chat & networking, all welcome!

Sadly our speaker this month had to cancel due to other circumstances, so I’ll be filling in with a talk on privacy - why it matters, different threat models, actions you can take, and so on. Expect rambling :slight_smile:

This month, the agenda is:

  • Introductions
  • Speaker - Me!
  • Chat
  • Food :beer: :beer:

See you there? Do hit that RSVP button (up there in the topic :arrow_up:) if you’re going!



I could do a demo of the danderspritz lab if you are still struggling?

Approx 40 mins speaking and a live demo?


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Thanks for the offer Robert.

As it happens, we had a speaker but they had to pull out earlier this week, so I’ve decided to fill the slot myself - just need to update the event, which I’ll do in a moment :slight_smile:

Will definitely stick that offer on the list though :smile:

(Greg Sutcliffe) #4

Hang on, these posts are on the Dec Event, lemme fix that up :slight_smile:

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