Stirling #5 - Rob McLay - Killsuits and Snuffle Unicorns

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Hi all,

Join us in CodeBase from 6.30pm on December 4th for techy chat & networking, all welcome!

Our speaker this month is group-regular Rob McLay, and the title is " Killsuits & Snuffle Unicorns: A beginners guide to the NSA’s Dandersplitz Lab". I have absolutely no idea what that means, but Rob is a great speaker, so it’ll be awesome :slight_smile:

As ever, the agenda is:

See you there? Do hit that RSVP button (up there in the topic :arrow_up:) if you’re going!

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Speaker confirmed for next week, details in the first post are updated. See you all Tuesday!

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Link to the slides for the December talk:

The Demo didn’t work, mainly due to me setting the wrong vSwitch. Oh well…