[TechMeetup] Brexit/Working In Germany/Hiring

(Gordon Guthrie) #1

Hi folks

Old long-time Techmeetuper here, now working at Wayfair in Berlin (not as great a city as my old home town of Embra obvs, but still mighty fine) - sorry to be a bit spammy but…

I am Associate Director of Data Engineering and building out a team and hiring with a number of opportunities - good for folks that fancy a career switch, fancy fleeing Brexit back to the sanity of Europe or just looking for a challenge. (Good package, relocation, paid in Euros blah-blah).

Wayfair is a no-longer-startup - about $9bn in annual turnover - drop-ship furniture/household business.

My team is all Data Engineering and we have three main thrusts:

  • Democratising Machine Learning/AI - making ML pervasive in the organisation, the training and deployment of models at scale
  • Big Data - moving data from A to B - plumbing at scale, using the Apache family of Spark, Druid, Flink, Storm, Kafka
  • cataloguing, searching and displaying meta-data about data resources, including search, ML/AI augmented search and graph database work

We are hiring from Junior to Seniors.

Full job recs on request.

Our infrastructure is hybrid cloud (Google Cloud Platform and on-premises).

I welcome applications from under-represented folks in tech - and am happy to provide reverse references about me from people who have worked for/with me in the past.

I am in Edinburgh for another couple of weeks - working out of CodeBase - ping me for a ‘no obligation’ chat if this sounds interesting - or for copies of the job descriptions.




Gordon Guthrie
+44 (0) 7776 251669 (in Bonnie Scotland!)