[TechMeetup] EdLambda 9th October - Elm: Taming the Wild West Web using Functional Programming

(Rob Stewart) #1

Hi TechMeetup,

EdLambda is a functional programming special interest group in Edinburgh. Details of the next EdLambda meetup are:

Title: Elm: Taming the Wild West Web using Functional Programming
Speaker: Rupert Smith
7pm, Tuesday 9th October 2018
The Outhouse pub, 12A Broughton St Ln, Edinburgh


Rupert will introduce the Elm programming language, comparing it with other well known FP languages. The strengths of FP will be examined by looking at examples of Elm programs used to build single page applications for the web. There will also be a quick tour of some of the libraries available and the people and businesses involved with Elm.



We’re on Twitter: http://twitter.com/techmeetup

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