[TechMeetup] [JOBS] Campaign Technologist at 38 Degrees

(Denny de la Haye) #1

Hi :slight_smile: My name is Denny, I co-lead the tech team at 38 Degrees.

For those who aren’t already on our mailing list; we’re a multi-issue political campaigning organisation. As you might imagine, it’s an interesting time to work in politics in the UK!

As well as keeping our campaign staff busy, there’s also been plenty for the tech team to get on with, and so we’re looking to hire a couple more people (currently we have 5 full-time developers, plus some work farmed out to contractors and agencies).

There’s a job advert and application form here:


On this occasion we want to hire in the mid-to-senior range, so we’re looking for people with a minimum of a few years web development experience, rather than fresh bootcamp graduates. We offer a choice of two office locations (London and Edinburgh) but don’t currently offer regular remote working.

I’m happy to answer any questions by email off-list, but I encourage people to apply via the link above rather than emailing a CV directly to me. We’re trying to make our recruitment process as fair and unbiased as possible, meaning that applications through the link above will be shortlisted ‘blind’ (i.e. the person who decides whether to interview you won’t see your name, age, gender, etc - just your answers to the six questions at the end of the form).

Thanks and regards,



Denny de la Haye

Campaign Technologist, 38 Degrees