[TechMeetup] [JOBS] Mudano, Automation Engineer - React, Node, GraphQL

(Andy Berry) #1

Mudano is developing the autonomous project, supported by a single-page app and data science. We’re looking for an Automation Engineer to join our team in Edinburgh. We’re transitioning from a culture of manual testing to automated tests and component-based development - the catalyst for this was a complete rewrite of our app to facilitate better testing, more robust code & quicker feature development.

The stack is React, Node (Express) & GraphQL. We’re investing heavily in a DevOps culture and are fairly autonomous Agile teams. The role is on-site but we’re pretty flexible and working from home occasionally isn’t a problem.

More info can be found at https://mudano.com/careers/product/automation-test-engineers-pd013. Or email me at andy.berry@mudano.com. If you mention you saw this post that would be great! :+1:



We’re on Twitter: http://twitter.com/techmeetup

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