[TechMeetup] Tech Meetup Stirling - Tue 2nd October at CodeBase, 6.30pm

(Greg Sutcliffe) #1

Hi all

Three months in, and we're still going. Sticking around for the long haul :smiley:

We'll be meeting on this Tuesday 2nd October, from about 6.30pm, at
CodeBase Stirling in the Hotdesking area. Here's a map:

It's within an easy walk of the train station, and there's ample parking
on side streets around Albert Place, if you're coming by car.

This month we'll have the usual introductions, and then Kenny Coyle will
give us a talk on Video Recording / Editing / Broadcasting & Postprocessing

We'll then retire to the pub, as is TMU tradition. In our case, that's
the City Walls, just a few mins away.

Hopefully I'll see some of you there!



We're on Twitter: http://twitter.com/techmeetup
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(Greg Sutcliffe) #2