[TechMeetup] Tech Meetup Stirling - Tue 6th November at CodeBase, 6.30pm

(Greg Sutcliffe) #1

Hi all

The next TechMeetup Stirling is this coming up, tomorrow Tuesday, 6th
November from 6.30pm. As always, the venue is CodeBase Stirling - here's
a map:

It's within an easy walk of the train station, and there's ample parking
on side streets around Albert Place, if you're coming by car.

This month we'll have the usual introductions, and then a talk.
Unfortunately our speaker had to cancel at short notice, so I'll be
giving a stand-in talk on privacy - why it matters, different threat
models, actions you can take, and so on. Expect rambling :slight_smile:

Sadly our budget doesn't run to free food (yet, and there is progress on
this :P), but we'll head to the City Walls pub after the talk for food,
drink, and chat.

Hopefully I'll see some of you there!



As an aside, we're trying out using a forum for organising TechMeetup
matters. If you'd like to join in (and we'd love to have you!) then hit up:


There's also an RSS/ICAL of upcoming events, that exists too (if you





Maybe see you on there :wink:


We're on Twitter: http://twitter.com/techmeetup
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